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Online Course – 1st Edition

Palaeontology and the Sixth Extinction

June 15th-19th, 2020

Palaeontology and Archaeology

Palaeontology and Archaeology


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Palaeontology and the Sixth ExtinctionCourse Overview

In this course participants will:

  1. Obtain the most relevant pieces of knowledge of palaeontology in terms of their own area of expertise.
  2. Understand the main features of the discipline and its relationships with other realms of knowledge, especially Geology.
  3. Understand and value the biological diversity as part of the evolution of the Earth and take the responsibility consequential of our success as a species.
  4. Appraise the diversity and size of the species composing the South American megafauna.
  5. Understand the relationship between the extinction of that megafauna and the human presence in the Americas.
  6. Develop skills related with rigour, educated scepticism and creativity.




This course will be delivered online.

Please check the schedule for the live online part, and be aware that it is GMT+1 (Madrid time zone).


June 15th-19th, 2020




15 hours online.

This course is equivalent to 1 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) at the Life Science Zurich Graduate School and ForBio.

The recognition of ECTS by other institutions depends on each university or school.


Places are limited to 25 participants and will be occupied by strict registration order.

Participants who have completed the course will receive a certificate at the end of it.

Richard Fariña instructor for Transmitting Science

Dr. Richard Fariña
Universidad de la República


  • Course Fee
  • Early bird (until May 31st, 2020):
  • 118 € *
    (94.4 € for Ambassador Institutions)
  • Regular (after May 31st, 2020):
  • 150 € *
    (120 € for Ambassador Institutions)
  • This includes course material (VAT included).
    * Participants from companies/industry will have an extra charge of 40 €.

You can check the list of Ambassador Institutions. If you want your institution to become a Transmitting Science Ambassador please contact us at communication@transmittingscience.com


Course Schedule
  • Monday to Friday:
    • 13:00 to 16:00 online live lessons (GMT+1).


Discounts are not cumulative and apply only on the Course Fee. We offer the possibility of paying in two instalments (contact courses@transmittingscience.com).

Former participants will have a 5 % discount on the Course Fee.

20 % discount on the Course Fee is offered for members of some organizations (Ambassador Institutions). If you want to apply to this discount please indicate it in the Registration form (proof will be asked later).

Unemployed scientists living in the country were the course will be held, as well as PhD students based in that country without any grant or scholarship to develop their PhD, could benefit from a 40 % discount on the Course Fee. If you want to ask for this discount, please contact the course coordinator. That would apply for a maximum of 2 places and they will be covered by strict inscription order.