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Spain – Barcelona (Capellades)

Can Carol Rural House

Many of our courses are held in the town of Capellades, in Barcelona province. This town is located at 69 km from Barcelona city centre (one hour and a half by public transport).

Located near Montserrat Mountain, and in the middle of vineyards and woods, the 5,000 thousand people town of Capellades provide an incomparable framework for research, networking, and enjoying the countryside of Spain. Moreover, it is famous among archaeologists and palaeontologists by its “Abric Romaní“, an archaeological Palaeolithic site.

Where to stay:

In Capellades participants have the option to stay together at the Rural House Can Carol, Majestic manor house from 1495, (check the Accommodation option in the course webpage), having the opportunity to keep discussing during dinners, and to enjoy some time together having a barbecue or using the swimming pool. This option is strongly recommended.

Please be aware that from the centre of Barcelona city it takes about one hour by car and one hour and a half by public transport to arrive at Capellades.

Other options for accommodation nearby Capellades, check below: Where to stay near the Venue.

Why there:

We organize some courses in this small town because we want researchers to focus during one week only in the content of the course, with no distractions. Moreover, this isolation, and the quietness of the place, promotes networking and interactions between participants, including instructors.

Can Carol
Capellades, Barcelona, Spain

From the airport to Barcelona

AerobúsThe easiest way to get to Plaza Catalunya from the airport is to take the Aerobus. It has a high frequency (5 to 15 minutes), works in both terminals and stop in Plaza Espanya and Plaza Catalunya (final stop and meeting point for people taking the accommodation option).

The drive takes 35 minutes and costs about 6 €.


Two main train companies and one subway company operate in Barcelona city:

Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC) Logo

FGC (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya). This one is the company you should take to go to Capellades.

Renfe CercaníasRenfe Cercanías (Rodalies Barcelona in Catalan) Logo (Rodalies Barcelona in Catalan).

The Barcelona metro (subway) has a high frequency and there are many lines Barcelona metro (subway) Logo(Barcelona subway map).

In some cases, they may share train stations. Please be aware of this when asking for directions to local people and buying tickets, as you may get wrong directions if not indicating which train company you want to take.


  • If you are coming by train to Barcelona, once in Barcelona Sants station, take the green line of the subway (L3 headed to Trinitat Nova) to Espanya subway stop.
  • Once you are in Plaza Espanya, go to the FGC (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya) train station and take the train line R6 (headed to Igualada) to Capellades train stop.

Train line timetable R6

From Espanya it takes about one hour and a half to arrive at Capellades. The place of the course is about 25 minutes walking from the Capellades train stop.

If you plan to come by train each day it is convenient to buy a T10 (4 zones) that is a special card with 10 trips that allows you to transfer and get the bus for free.

  • If you have the Accommodation Package and missed the meeting point be aware that the last train from Barcelona Espanya to Capellades is at 22:00. Taxis from the airport may cost about 100 €.

Accommodation Package

If you have chosen the Accommodation Package, transport from the centre of Barcelona city to Capellades is included. This will take place the evening before the first day of the course and the meeting point will be Plaza Catalunya (Catalunya Square) in Barcelona city.

If you arrive early in the day there is a locker near Plaza Catalunya where you can keep your luggage until the scheduled bus.

If you do not want to take the accommodation package, there are a few options nearby. You will find them listed below.

The line R6 of FGC stops in Capellades. Please be aware that the train station in Capellades is outside the village, and you will have to take the bus that connect it with the center.

Train line timetable R6.


Hotel Tall de Conill


Martorell is located between Barcelona city and Capellades. The city is located at 38 km from Barcelona and 37 minutes by train.

The train from Martorell to Capellades takes about 33 minutes to arrive.

There are 3 train stations in Martorell: Martorell Enllaç, Martorell Central and Martorell Vila. You should take the line R6 (headed to Igualada) in any of them to Capellades train stop.

Hotels in Martorell:

  • Hotel Ciutat Martorell; located at 5 minutes walking from the FGC train station Martorell Central.
  • Hotel Manel; located at 13 minutes walking from the FGC train station Martorell Central.

There are too some Airbnb options.

La Pobla de Claramunt

From La Pobla de Claramunt train station is only one train stop to Capellades (R6 headed Barcelona).

Hotels in La Pobla de Claramunt:

  • Hotel Robert; located at 6 minutes walking from the FGC train station La Pobla de Claramunt.


Igualada is located at 13 km from Capellades in eastern direction and 67 km from Barcelona city. Igualada is the capital and central market of the Anoia comarca. The train from Igualada to Capellades takes about 13 minutes to arrive.

Hotels in Igualada:

There are too some Airbnb options.