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Donate for Grants

We accept donations, which are entirely devoted to support students without financial resources so that they may offset the cost of participating in our courses and workshops.

When registering for a course or workshop, you may donate an amount by selecting that option in the registration form. The donation will be included in your course fee and subsequently transferred to the grants account.

If you would like to donate directly (without enrolling for a course or workshop), please complete the form at the left.


Donations are used only for grants for students. The amount of each donation is publicly available through our website (Financial support section), indicating the name of the donor, the amount donated, and the name of the student recipient.


After we announce a new grant, the evaluation consists of three parts:

  • Funding for their PhD. Students with no funding to develop their PhD will receive the maximum 4 points. Part-time research grants or contracts (teaching assistant ships) receive 2 points. Students with full financial support to develop their PhD provided by their university or an external institution / agency will receive 0 points. The student’s PhD organization or academic advisor must certify the situation. 4 point scale.
  • Belonging to developing countries. 1 point.
  • A short project description (maximum 300 words) related to the course or workshop topic. 5 point scale.

Former grantees

You can check the list of scholarships given, as well as the received and granted amount here.