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We are scientists with passion for learning about research advances and facilitating the learning of others.

We strongly believe that science is enhanced through collaboration, sharing knowledge, and supporting diversity. In our view, these are key for a fairer, more creative, and stimulating scientific ecosystem.

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“I value a lot what we learned in this course. I especially liked that all methods were presented and discussed bearing in mind their basic assumptions, which is key to apply and interpret them correctly. I think this was very useful, and I intend to use this knowledge in my research as well as in my peer-reviews. I totally recommend it.”

“I really enjoyed this course. The five days were well organised and the course convenors were friendly. When I arrived at this course, I hadn’t had any experience of Agent-Based Modelling but now I am looking forward to incorporating this method into my research.”

“This course was fantastic! It is a must for those who want to make phylogenetic analysis and implement that knowledge in R. Everything was perfect! It truly was an amazing experience meeting the instructors, as well as interacting and making new friends with the other students.”

“The course was excellent. The week spent under the guidance of Dr. Julien Claude crystal cleared the concepts of using R in GM. The location and ambience of the course was ideal for such engaging studies. There were participants from diverse field of studies and the best part of the course was that there was ample time to work with our own data and deal with its problems. Dr. Claude always encouraged us to ask questions and was happy to help with our doubts. The course was very well organised, well managed and the food was fantastic!! It is really a course worth to be taken!!!”

“Thank you for this excellent course! Sole’s and Judith’s perfect organization left nothing to be desired. The instructors Greg McDonald and John E. Simmons shared their incredibly rich experience and knowledge not only in theory lectures. Looking behind the scenes of different museums, we immersed ourselves in the daily challenges of collection management. I enjoyed this intensive week of learning and exchange with nice colleagues within an open-minded atmosphere.”

“The experience and the knowledge of professors Greg McDonald and John E. Simmons are astonishing, and having the opportunity to learn so many things about natural history collections’ care in just one week has been amazing. The course has been organized in a perfect way, with an excellent schedule.”

“I really enjoyed this course, I think it was an excellent experience from many aspects. First of all the teaching of Oscar with his enthusiasm to pass his knowledge forward, and his patience and insights. The organization was amazing too.”

“The course was intense but very well organized and allowed for an enjoyable experience that was worth every moment. The venue provided a wonderful atmosphere. It truly was an amazing experience meeting the instructors, as well as interacting and making new friends with the other students. It was a great week filled with many memories that I can honestly say that I would definitely do another course in future.”

“It was a great course which has fulfilled all my expectations. There was a high level of organization and a pleasant atmosphere during the whole course.”

“It was intense but also fun as I had the opportunity to play with my own data with the new R packages, with the support and advice of the teachers. Thanks to the organization, the teachers and the participants!”

“The best aspect of this course is that we applied what we learned to our own datasets during the practical sessions. I very much appreciated Prof. Klingenberg teaching style; he always made time to answer our questions. I especially thank Dr. Soledad De Esteban-Trivigno, the course coordinator, she really looked after us; we had nothing to do but learn. I really enjoyed my time in the Els Hostalets de Pierola and believe that the training provided by this course has provided me with a solid footing from which to expand my knowledge and practice of geometric morphometrics.”

“I think is amazing to meet Prof. Klingenberg, one of the pioneers in this field, the maker of the software I have already use. The interaction with him was once time in a life experience.”

“The week I just spent under the tutelage of Prof. Klingenberg has crystallized and expanded my understanding of phylogenetic methods for morphometric data. Our group was diverse in terms of our specialties and levels of experience, and it seems like the course managed to be well-suited to all of us. Equally important, we were well taken care of and fantastically well fed. It was a great week. Intense, fun, worth the hard work. I will do another one in the future. Thank you!”

“The course was very well run and the teaching was excellent. Each day we learnt new illustration techniques, for which all the materials were provided. The course has inspired me to include scientific illustrations in my PhD thesis. Thank you very much Sole and Oscar!”

“Un curso muy claro y completo. Compartimos experiencias y comprobamos cómo cada participante las aplica en su campo laboral. El enfoque práctico a través de las diferentes herramientas que son impartidas durante todo el contenido del curso fue muy provechoso. La organización impecable. Lo recomiendo ampliamente.”

“I want to thank both the organizers and the teachers for an excellent course and overall experience. Both teachers and organizers succeeded in creating a collegial and learning environment that leads to the exchange of ideas and discussion regarding the application of GMM in different fields. This course is the right amount of learning on a difficult subject and enjoying good company and beautiful surroundings.”

“Thanks to everyone involved in this Transmitting Science course. The location and ambience were lovely, and the instructors very engaging. The course was really well structured with a good mix of theory and practical sessions, and the content and level was perfect.”

”The nice thing is that, at the third day of the course, you already felt familiar with NetLogo to develop and run your own simulation models. That was as great as unexpected. Gorgeous venue, nice working atmosphere, and excellent, experienced teachers made the whole learning process really enjoyable!”

“Courses were very interesting and well organized. General atmosphere was really good with other student from around the world, teachers and organizers. And by the way Spanish food was a pleasure. So get there …”

“It can safely be said that much knowledge was gleaned from our excellent instructor, Dr. Melissa Tallman. All in all, the course was a roaring success in my eyes and I hope for the rest of the participants also. It has been a memorable trip, I have made many good contacts and hopefully some good friends, all of whom I hope to see on the academic circuit in the near future.”

“Clever professors, nice group and excellent contents! The course opened a new window into my head! Thank a lot!”

“The teachers were great and beared nicely with our non-specialist naive questions. I recommend the course to everyone interested in applications of SNP data, no need to be a computer wizard!”

“I really feel that apart from being fun and funny the course was very helpful. I gained essential knowledge, understanding and skills that will surely serve my studies in the future, as well as great new ideas that the course has given me.”

“Extremely useful introduction to PGLS in the R environment, and hugely enjoyable course as far as atmosphere, organization and food are concerned!”

“I think that the course setting was very effective to understand how to apply what we learned to our own data-sets. I could ask all the questions that I wanted to ask and I also learned a lot from questions from other participants. In addition to the course itself, exchange between the participants and the location of the course were very nice. I really enjoyed the whole experience there.”

“A great thing about the course was that Professor Klingenberg pushed us to the edge of the discipline; we had a good overview of what was possible and where the discipline tends to go. I think we all enjoyed the experience and the place.”

“This course is a ‘must’ for any researcher working on phylogenetics. The instructors do an outstanding job of explaining the potential of the available packages. I enjoyed this course thoroughly and I will certainly apply all I have learned to my current research!”

“The courses are a good opportunity to meet students working on related topics, who often face similar problems – a perfect basis to find solutions together and get into contact with (future) colleagues from around the world. Furthermore, the attendance of the FEA courses was really helpful for me because I met experienced instructors and had the chance to discuss my projects and optimize my work flow.”

“A really useful course! Everything explained by the instructors is also practiced during the classes so you can apply it afterwards for your own data. The organization of the course is also an additional point because you don’t need to be worried about anything (technically and personally).”

“I attended the course in March 2012 and I couldn’t recommend it more! This was my first course in comparative methods and it has really kick-started my enthusiasm for R, phylogenetics and studying trait evolution. The course was well planned and the material covered was clearly presented and very current.”


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