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Verónica Cruz Alonso

Veronica Cruz Alonso instructor for Transmitting Science

Dr. Verónica Cruz Alonso


Departamento de Biodiversidad, Ecología y Evolución

Facultado de Ciencias Biológicas

Madrid, Spain


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I am a researcher in ecology and forest restoration and currently work at the Complutense University of Madrid. The focus of my research is on understanding how forests respond to different disturbances caused by humans and how species reorganize after the impact. In addition, I try to understand how the landscape around the degraded sites and the functional traits of the species present condition recovery. The ultimate goal of my research is to apply the knowledge learned in forest restoration.

For my work, I tend to manage large databases and perform complex analyzes in R, which require organized and reproducible workflows. In addition, I am co-coordinator of the Ecoinformatics group of the Spanish Association of Terrestrial Ecology.