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Tobias Andermann

Tobias Andermann instructor for Transmitting Science

Tobias Andermann

PhD Student
Department of Biological and Environmental Science
University of Gothenburg
Gothenburg, Sweden


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I am a PhD student in the Antonelli Lab, working in the field of macroevolution. During my PhD project “The Rise and Fall of Species” I investigate the dynamics of speciation, extinction and species turn-over on broad taxonomic, geographic and temporal scales. I am interested in understanding the impact and role of biotic and abiotic factors that influence, shape and drive the evolution of life on earth. To answer these questions, I apply genetic data of the present biodiversity and fossil occurrences of the past, using and developing new bioinformatic approaches that are capable of handling big data. During my Master’s project I developed a new approach which increases the utility of NGS data for resolving phylogenies of recently diverged taxa.


Statistics and Bioinformatics