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Robert Thomson

Robert Thomson instructor for Transmitting Science

Associate Professor
Department of Biology
University of Hawaii
Honolulu, United States of America


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I am an associate professor at the University of Hawaii, where I run a research program that focuses on statistical phylogenetics, evolutionary biology of amphibians and reptiles, and conservation biology.
The central goal of my research program is to contribute to resolving the tree of life, our understanding of the processes that lead to biological diversity, and our efforts to conserve that diversity.
Much of my work focuses on improving statistical and bioinformatic methods in these areas. I also work on several empirical questions that focus on the evolution and conservation of amphibians and reptiles. I teach courses in statistical phylogenetics and in STEM pedagogy at the graduate level, and evolutionary biology at the undergraduate level.
In recent years, I have focused on measuring the adequacy of phylogenetic models, understanding the phylogenetic history and diversification of turtles, and resolving species boundaries and evolutionary history of whiptail lizards.