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Pablo A. Goloboff

Pablo Goloboff instructor for Transmitting Science

Dr. Pablo A. Goloboff

Investigador Principal CONICET
Director de Unidad Ejecutora Lillo (UEL)

UEL (Unidad Ejecutoral Lillo)
Tucumán, Argentina

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My main research interests are in methodological aspects of phylogenetic analysis and historical biogeography, specially as these relate to taxonomy and systematics.  In phylogenetic methodology, I have made significant contributions to the computational aspects of parsimony analysis, character weighting, and phylogenetic analysis of quantitative and morphometric characters.  My research has resulted in one of the most important programs for parsimony analysis, TNT.  My main contributions in historical biogeography are in methods (and a computer program, VNDM) to identify areas of endemism.