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Oksana Vernygora

Oksana Vernygora instructor for Transmitting Science

Oksana Vernygora

PhD Student
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Canada


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My current PhD project encompasses a wide range of questions related to the evolutionary history of the Clupeomorpha (herrings and allies). Herrings, sardines, anchovies, and related species that are united in a group of clupeomorph fishes are very common today and constitute almost a quarter of the world fisheries production.

This group of fishes originated over 130 million years ago and successfully survived through the major extinction events, geological, and climatic changes.

The aim of my research is to conduct the most extensive and up-to-date study of the clupeomorphs including fossil and recent species to investigate evolutionary relationships of the species within the group and discover historical patterns of distribution and possible correlations between environmental changes and evolution of traits in clupeomorphs.