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M. Lisandra Zepeda-Mendoza

M. Lisandra Zepeda-Mendoza instructor for Transmitting Science

Dr. M. Lisandra Zepeda-Mendoza

Postdoctoral Researcher
Chr. Hansen – Bacterial Physiology & Improvement
Chr. Hansen A/S
Hørsholm, Denmark

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With a background in Genomic Sciences I first worked in the field of ancient DNA from various organisms ranging from maize to frozen lake sediments. I obtained my PhD in Bioinformatics at the University of Copenhagen. My main interest is the study of the impact of the microbiome on the evolution of particular adaptations (e.g. extreme dietary adaptations). I have worked on metagenomic datasets obtained from a variety of samples, such as gut microbiomes from vampire bats and vultures as well as stalactites from caves. My main driver is bridging the gap between different disciplines for the design of analysis pipelines and the biological interpretation of the results.


Genetics and Genomics