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Lucy Alba-Ferrara

Lucy Alba-Ferrara Instructor for Transmitting Science

Dr. Lucy Alba-Ferrara


CONICET, Universidad Austral
Buenos Aires, Argentina


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I graduated with honors as a clinical psychologist from University of Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 2004. After graduation, I moved to the United Kingdom to study a Master in Cognitive Neuropsychology at University College London. I worked on a research project examining the effects of top-down and bottom-up processes in auditory speech perception by applying an fMRI paradigm. In 2008, I enrolled on a PhD program at Durham University (United Kingdom) and I completed my doctoral degree (PhD) in 2011. While working on my PhD thesis, I studied the neural underpinnings of emotional prosody processing in healthy controls as well as in the schizophrenia spectrum by applying a diversity of techniques (fMRI, rTMS, behavioral measures, etc.).

In 2015 after two postdoctoral positions in the United States (Department of Psychiatry & Neuroscience of the University of South Florida and Stanford Research Institute ) I returned to Argentina to take a position as a research scientist in CONICET. I am currently investigating the brain organization of language and emotional processing in epilepsy. I also coordinate the fMRI facility of my lab. In 2017 I also took a position as a part-time professor at Universidad Austral.