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Hugo Salais

Hugo Salais instructor for Transmitting Science

Dr. Hugo Salais

Scientific Illustrator
Metazoa Studio
Valencia, Spain


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I am an artist and biologist specialized in natural science illustration, with 7+ years of freelancing experience and a strong background in life sciences (Bachelor in Biology and Ph.D. in Neuroscience).

As a scientific illustrator, I help a variety of professionals in the scientific and academic communities to communicate complex scientific concepts in a rigorous yet approachable and visually compelling fashion. My work has been commissioned worldwide by leading international research groups, scientific and cultural institutions, published in both Q1 scientific journals and science outreach media, and showcased internationally at museums and exhibits.

As an artist, I work primarily in digital media, including 2D illustration and design, as well as 3D modelling, although I also have a strong grasp on traditional media.

​From describing the function of a biological process or system to portraying the life forms of the deep past, my philosophy when illustrating involves merging the best of both worlds: creativity and scientific rigor, hand in hand to communicate the meaning and beauty of complex hypotheses and objects of study.


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