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Carlos Pérez Carmona

Carlos Perez Carmona instructor for Transmitting Science

Dr. Carlos Pérez Carmona

Associate Professor
University of Tartu
Tartu, Estonia


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I am a community ecologist focused on improving our understanding and predictive ability about the effects of global change on the assembly and functioning of ecological communities. For this goal, I mostly use functional trait-based approaches, with a strong focus on improving methods to incorporate traits into ecological studies, including the development of computational tools.

I have mostly worked on grassland ecosystems, where I combine observational and
experimental approaches to study topics such as the effects of global change drivers on diversity, how traits mediate competitive interactions among plants, the relationship between traits and fitness, and macroecological patterns of trait diversity. I also collaborate with colleagues working on a variety of organisms (including ants, beetles, birds, freshwater fishes, reptiles, and mammals).