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Bethany Allen

Bethany Allen instructor for Transmitting Science

Dr. Bethany Allen

Postdoctoral Researcher
Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering
ETH Zurich
Basel, Switzerland


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I am a computational palaeobiologist, interested in understanding patterns and drivers of speciation and extinction on geological timescales.

I am  currently a postdoc on the ETH+ BECCY project (Biodiversity, Earth and Climate Coupling in Yunnan), using Bayesian phylodynamics to investigate the development of the Sino-​Himalayan biodiversity hotspot during the Cenozoic, particularly its relationship with geological and climatic change in the region.

I completed my PhD at the University of Leeds in 2021, researching spatial patterns of diversity, speciation and extinction associated with the Permian-​Triassic mass extinction and subsequent prolonged biotic recovery.