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Ashton Drew

Ashton Drew instructor for Transmitting Science

Dr. Ashton Drew

KDV Decision Analysis LLC
Durham, United States of America

Certified RStudio Instructor


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At KDV, we help clients improve the efficiency and effectiveness of decisions that depend on multifaceted and complex data. Drawing from our diverse background in natural sciences, social sciences, and emerging data sciences, we bring proven experience, unique insights and passion to our projects. We help organizations identify decision objectives and evaluate alternatives given the uncertainty and complexity of the decisions’ context (e.g., fiscal realities, social values, legal requirements, etc).

To accomplish these tasks, we offer services to gather and analyse data from databases, expert elicitations, personal narratives, and community workshops. Final products include data driven apps, interactive visualisations, and web-based decision support tools.  For more information, including DUNS, CAGE, and NAICS codes,  see our  Capability Statement.


Scientific communication
Statistics and Bioinformatics