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Live Online Course – 4th edition

Naturalistic and Scientific Illustration 2: Digital techniques

August 24th-31st, 2023

Live sessions will be recorded

Course Scientific Illustration 2 Digital Techinques


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This course intends to give a hands-on overview of the most current technological advances in the field, such as basic computer graphics applied to science illustration.

Practical examples will be selected based on the applicants’ interests and suggestions. The course will be focused on how to translate traditional drawings into an improved digital version.

This course is of intermediate level, some basic experience with illustration is strongly recommended.

Participants of the course Naturalistic and Scientific Illustration 1: Traditional Techniques can benefit from receiving a 20% discount for this course. If you are taking both courses please add that information in the registration form for this course.

  • Drawing basics: Halftone rendering, textures, transparency object shadows, reflected light and cast shadows.
  • Drawing tools and media:
    • Line and ink: Basic techniques, rendering styles.
    • Pencil: Basic techniques, examples.
  •  Introduction to computer graphics.
  • Vector vs. bitmap (raster) drawing.
  • Bitmap (raster) graphics software: Adobe Photoshop© basics, Main tools, layer workflow.
  • The use of colour in digital media: Chromatic diagrams, bit depth, image corrections.
  • Vector graphics software: Adobe Illustrator© basics, Bezier-curve drawing, pattern filling, examples.
  • Examples and subjects of scientific illustration.
    • Illustrating plants, animals and geological features.
    • Illustrating animals in their habitats.
  • References in scientific illustration.
    • Use of 3D scanned specimens as a reference for scientific illustration.
    • Other sources of information: photography, microscopy, camera lucida.

This course is of intermediate level, some basic experience with illustration and basic knowledge in computer graphics software (e.g. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator) and in personal computers is strongly recommended.

All participants must have a computer (Windows, Macintosh) with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator installed. If you do not have a license you can get a temporary trial license.  Webcam is strongly recommended, and a good internet connection.

Oscar Sanisidro instructor for Transmitting Science

Dr. Oscar Sanisidro
Kansas University / Universidad de Alcalá de Henares
United States of America / Spain

Dates & Schedule

August 24th-31st, 2023

15:00-19:30 (Madrid time zone)

Online live sessions on Thursday 24,  Tuesday 29, and Thursday 31 August, from 15:00 to 19:30 (Madrid time zone).

Total course hours: 26

13.5 hours of online live lessons, plus 2.5 hours of recorded lessons, and 10 hours of participants working on their own, with tutored exercises.

This course is equivalent to 1 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) at the Life Science Zurich Graduate School.

The recognition of ECTS by other institutions depends on each university or school.



This course will be delivered live online

This course will be taught using a combination of live (synchronous) sessions on Zoom and tasks to be completed in between live sessions on the Slack platform.

Live sessions will be recorded. Recordings will be made available to participants for a limited period of time. However, attendance to the live sessions is required.


Places are limited to 16 participants and will be occupied by strict registration order.

Participants who have completed the course will receive a certificate at the end.

Soledad De Esteban-Trivigno Transmitting Science coordinator

Dr. Soledad De Esteban-Trivigno

Transmitting Science

Haris Saslis coordinator for Transmitting Science

Dr. Haris Saslis

Transmitting Science

Fees & Discounts

  • Course Fee
  • Early bird (until June 30th, 2023):
  • 330 €
    (264 € for Ambassador Institutions)
  • Regular (after June 30th, 2023):
  • 420 €
    (336 € for Ambassador Institutions)
  • All prices include VAT.
    After registration you will receive confirmation of your acceptance on the course.
    Payment is not required during registration.
    Participants of the course Naturalistic and Scientific Illustration 1: Traditional Techniques (https://www.transmittingscience.com/courses/scientific-communication/naturalistic-and-scientific-illustration/) can benefit from a 20% discount on this course.

We offer discounts on the Course Fee.

Discounts are not cumulative. Participants receive the highest appropriate discount.

We also offer the possibility of paying in two instalments. Please contact us to request this.

Former participants of Transmitting Science courses receive a 5% discount on the Course Fee.

20% discount on the Course Fee is offered to members of certain organisations (Ambassador Institutions). If you wish to apply for this discount, please indicate it in the Registration form (proof will be asked later). If you would like your institution to become a Transmitting Science Ambassador Institution, please contact us at communication@transmittingscience.com

Unemployed scientists, as well as PhD students without any grant or scholarship to develop their PhD, can benefit from a 40% discount on the Course Fee. This applies only to participants based in Spain. If you wish to ask for this discount, please contact us. The discount may apply for a maximum of 2 places, which will be covered by strict registration order.